P. D. Raiter

Prathamesh Raiter 

Prathamesh D. Raiter (India)

M. S., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
B. S., Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, MH

About me

I work in a Mechanics for Material Design lab investigating the influence of electric field on uniaxial deformation of ionically charged polymers using molecular dynamics simulations and continuum and constitutive modeling.

I spent my last summer building SVMs and Bayesian models to identify new bioactive compounds at Stine Research Center (formerly DuPont lab) discovery division, where I also built a shell, Python/tkinter workflow to compute theoretical UV/Vis, pKa and NMR spectra using Time-dependent Density Functional Theory.

During my senior year, I worked with Prof. Shashank Mhaske, Prof. Pradeep Vavia and Prof. Ratnesh Jain to design, synthesize and evaluate Rivastigmine transdermal patches.

Prathamesh Raiter