Cornell Engineering Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are filled in by students every semester as information (helpful or criticism) regarding how the course was conducted in a specific semester. Course evaluations are feedbacks that can pinpoint specific areas of development (such as problem sets or exams) for the professor. Cornell University is non-profit, however, a course can be thought of as a service provided against cash paid in the form of tuition. This viewpoint appends the instructor's responsibility, precisely in terms of calibrating and customizing the service (course content) as per the consumer feedback (course evaluations). A major obstruction to this appealing flow are comments, either positive or negative, with no relevance to the course or teaching style of the instructor.

With the above in consideration, the objective of this natural language processing (data analysis) project is to encapsulate the student feedback for each course and deliver representative comments for a given course by classifying them into positive, negative and irrelevant comments. The irrelevant comments shall involve comments that neither fall under constructive criticism nor under appreciative feedback and are not pertinent to the given course.


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